Relatively unknown (but not for long), Jamaal, is one of those low-key beat heads I discovered on Youtube a minute ago. For the past year or so I’ve been closely following his GarageBeats Youtube channel. It’s no wonder why, I’m a sucker for soul samples(as yal know) and anything resembling or influenced by the J Dilla sound. Jamaal is an obvious Dilla fan–but who isn’t? After all, Dillaness is next to Godliness. I’m loving the direction his music is headed in. Peep game:

so good..

Jamaal playlist

His free Beat tape on Bandcamp



Lorrrrrd jeesus. I’m not really the religious type, but that’s what came to mind after clicking play on that first track on Ohbliv’s new EP(below). That thing is thumpin’ off the break(#4 Kishu was the first track that played). I’m actually very surprised I’m feelin’ all 5 tracks off the EP. I usually just pick the gems out of the bunch(Ohbliv has many gems though don’t get it twisted). This is a must buy — Mostly the reason why I’m coppin’ it right now even though my funds is maaaadd low. I suggest you do the same.

You know I have to support a native Virginian because that’s what I rep(Ohbliv is from Richmond and I’m up north). But honestly, I could give a shit where you from as long as your bringing dope vibes to my eardrums. I’ve been really feeling Ohbliv drops for the last year or so mainly because we’re on the same level sample wise. I’m always down with a dusty soul sample in a track. And his drops have a “thick”(no homo) element to them that I can’t seem to reproduce authentically in my own productions. Would love to know his secret. I wonder how he does it(sampling into a tape machine?). Anyways, yeah, Cop that new Ohbliv and check out some of my favs from the man.

My fav joint ever

So sick…


Feels Dillish…

Dope little piece on the man..

My Ohbliv Playlist